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Lawn Maintenance

Lawn mowing, lawn renovation, reseeding, core aeration, leaf cleanups.

Landscape Maintenance

Pruning/ Shrub trimming, re-mulching, removal of dead plants, removal of annuals, adding plants as desired, weeding.


Patios, walkways, decorative walls, sitting walls, pillars, retaining walls, driveways.

Landscape Installation

Install of new plants, shrubs, trees, sod, ground cover, soil amendments, mulch, edging, gravel.

Lawn Maintenance

We excel in lawn maintenance, offering expert lawn mowing, renovation, reseeding, core aeration, and leaf cleanups. Trust us to keep your lawn lush and healthy year-round.

Embrace the lush green paradise your lawn deserves with our meticulous maintenance From precise mowing techniques to rejuvenating renovations, we breathe life into every blade of grass. Our core aeration and reseeding techniques ensure your lawn thrives, while meticulous leaf cleanups leave no trace of autumn behind. Experience the epitome of lawn care excellence with us, where every detail is nurtured to perfection.


Get ready to transform outdoor areas with precision hardscaping. From patios to driveways, our expert team crafts functional and beautiful features to enhance your property.

Elevate your outdoor living experience with our bespoke hardscaping solutions. From enchanting patios that beckon relaxation to stately walkways that guide your journey, our craftsmanship leaves an indelible Let us craft decorative walls that echo timeless elegance and sitting walls that invite intimate conversations. Pillars stand as sentinels of style, while retaining walls redefine the contours of your landscape. With us, your driveway isn’t just a path—it’s a grand entrance to your domain.

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Landscape Maintenance

We offer top-notch landscape maintenance services, including pruning, mulching, plant removal, and weeding. We’ll keep your outdoor spaces looking vibrant and well-kept all year round.

Unveil the full potential of your outdoor oasis with our comprehensive landscape maintenance Our expert team meticulously tends to every detail, from precise pruning and shrub trimming to the artful re- mulching that revitalizes your beds. Bid farewell to wilting annuals as we rejuvenate your space with vibrant replacements, while strategic weeding ensures a pristine canvas for your vision to flourish. With our landscape maintenance, your outdoor haven remains a beacon of beauty all year round.

Landscape Installation

We expertly install new plants, shrubs, trees, sod, and ground cover, along with soil amendments, mulch, edging, and gravel, ensuring your outdoor space is transformed with precision and care.

Embark on a journey of transformation as we bring your landscape dreams to life with our unrivaled installation Watch as your vision takes root with the installation of new plants, shrubs, and trees, carefully curated to complement your surroundings. Our expert team lays the foundation for beauty with meticulous sodding, ground cover, and soil amendments. Let our skilled hands sculpt the earth, framing your landscape with precision edging, mulch, and gravel. With us, every installation is a testament to craftsmanship and artistry, creating an outdoor sanctuary that speaks to your soul.

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What Our Clients Say

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Michael CorozineMichael Corozine
01:23 17 Dec 21
Marvin and team are amazing. They have completed multiple jobs for me and always exceed my expectations. The work always looks amazing and their detail oriented work always adds nice curb appeal!
Philip MarthPhilip Marth
21:16 04 Dec 21
This is my second year using Marvin's Landscaping and I must say, they never disappoint. Whether it be a full fall clean up or weeding / defining the beds on my property, Marvin and his team have done it for me. Their quality of work is exceptional, which is undoubtedly because you will most often find Marvin on-site working alongside his crews to ensure everything is done to his personal standards. His attention to detail, communication and fair prices make them the landscaping service you want to hire!
Tim HymanTim Hyman
21:27 01 Dec 21
This yard service is the most comprehensive and reliable service that we have ever used. The job always looks amazing, they listen to our vision, and are completely adaptable to our needs. His prices are fair and he is always on time. We would highly recommend Marvin!
James HerriotJames Herriot
17:24 19 Nov 21
If you want conscientious professional work at reasonable rates, I highly recommend this team. They respected my property and, unlike other outfits, they do not leave behind any damaged landscape light fixtures. They clean up after themselves extremely well. They also carefully work around valuable shrubs.Always do a great job.
23:34 16 Nov 21
Marvin was very responsive to any questions from day 1. We had fence posts that needed replacement, weeds pulled, perennials, bushes and ornamental grass trimmed back, overall we needed a good cleanup. Marvin was on time with his crew and they did beautiful work! It looks like a totally different yard! We are really happy with the outcome! The price is very reasonable and affordable, a big plus.We plan on having Marvin come back in the spring. We would recommend him to family and friends.Thank you Marvin!

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